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UNIOSUN Partners University of The Gambia

UNIOSUN Partners University of The Gambia
  • PublishedJune 18, 2021


As part of the efforts to enrich the quality of teaching and learning of students of Osun State University, The Management of Osun State University, under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, recently renewed its partnership with the University of the Gambia.
The UNIOSUN management received the Principal Officers of the University of the Gambia led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Faqir Muhammad Anjun, at the University’s main campus in Osogbo on Thursday, 10th of June to review an existing relationship and renew a memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU, which had been in place five (5) years ago, will enable staff and students to continue participating in exchange programmes and enrich the two universities’ quality of teaching and learning.
The Vice-Chancellor of Osun State University, Prof. Labode Popoola, while speaking at the meeting, explained that the two universities signed the first agreement in 2017. He adds that the principal officers of the University of the Gambia are visiting Osun State University for a review of the agreement and the extension of the agreement based on the fruitfulness of the first agreement, with so many changes and developments in the world between that time and now. For instance, there was no COVID in 2017, so there was nothing like Zoom or virtual meeting, teaching and learning. Also, UNIOSUN has witnessed tremendous growth and development in the last four years, which were not captured in the original MOU.
“We have also incorporated all the new developments in the new MOU, and we believe that the partnership between the two Universities will produce series of grants, scholars, physical and infrastructural developments in the two Universities,” Professor Labode Popoola added.
The University of Gambia’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Faqir Muhammad Anjun’noted that the MOU is very significant for the University of the Gambia because it will enable the University to resolve some challenges and learn from the successes and experiences of Uniosun.He believed that this MOU would help get the required training for faculty members and other University staff.
“UNIOSUN has made significant stride in the last four years after our visit in 2017, mostly in infrastructure and academic programmes, and we believe the University of the Gambia will benefit from the experiences of the University.
“I am very thankful to the UNIOSUN Vice-Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, for providing this opportunity to improve our system in both academic and administration at the University of the Gambia, and I appreciate the efforts made to make this partnership very successful. There are a lot of areas where we will enjoy collaboration and vice versa,” Professor Anjum added.
Speaking on the challenges that the University of the Gambia is facing, the Registrar of the University, Dr Momodou Lamin Tarro, stated that the university lacks high-level professors currently affecting the institution. According to him, “the university started about 21years ago, and it has been difficult to engage high-level professors because of low funding and through this type of collaboration involvingthe exchange of lecturers and Professors, will ease challenges facing University” Dr Tarro added.

Meanwhile, the Registrar of Osun State University, MrGafar Adebayo Shittu, said that Osun state University expects full cooperation from The University of the Gambia in different areas stressing that it will encourage the international linkage between the two Universities.

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