Tunde Ednut Has Got Bobrisky’s Attention

Tunde Ednut Has Got Bobrisky’s Attention
  • PublishedSeptember 15, 2017

Nigeria male Barbie doll, Bobrisky, who always wants to look his best might never be able to get over this new gist. Yesterday a picture of the snapchat star went viral on the internet showing him supposedly taking a nap with a full face of makeup, but the bumps and dark spots on his face has got people talking.
He has however come online to blast entertainer Tunde Ednut for being the one who leaked the picture which he claims was photoshopped.

Bob said on Instagram;

‘There is this viral pictures I have been seeing on the internet. I got to know that the post was from Tunde Ednut. As we all know, we all know that Tunde Ednut has no future. He has no career. We don’t even know if he is a comedian or a singer–maybe an artiste. Because the guy sing, the song nor blow. He did comedy and his comedy nor blow.’

‘I think what Tunde Ednut does now is to laugh at people. We all know that his page on Instagram is so boring. Whenever he wants to make his page busy, he will look for my picture, probably go and edit it and post, so the page can go viral.’

‘That guy has no sense. And the only reason he is on my case [is this]: one time, early last year, he ‘toasted’ me, and I was like, ‘what the fuck is this’? I blocked him, and ever since, this dude has been on my case.’


Lol we don’t know how true Bob’s story is but this picture looks far from being photoshopped.

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