Truth Of The Matter With AYEKOOTO: You Can Still Put The Pieces Of Your Life Back And Become Even Greater

Truth Of The Matter With AYEKOOTO: You Can Still Put The Pieces Of Your Life Back And Become Even Greater
  • PublishedDecember 14, 2018

One of the most amazing things which mother-nature has given to us is the ability to turn our disadvantages or challenges into even greater advantage. A broken pencil could instantly become multiple pencils in the hand of the owner if only he (or she) can think positively. Most of us recoil into our shells when life deals us certain blow. We fail to see the hidden treasures in that blow. Studies of successes have shown that most good things in life come wrapped in garments of sorrow, lack, disadvantages, abuses, hatred from colleagues and family members and so on.  Whenever you are faced with any of these, know very well and for certainty that your time for greatness has arrived. The most amazing thing about life, which no one has been able to unravel, is that difficulties most often herald greatness. The more difficult your situation is, the more nearer you are to your astounding success.

So, whenever life deals certain blows on you, keep calm; try not to be too ruffled (even though, this is difficult); engage yourself in self assessment of the situation; ask yourself where you’ve gone wrong and be very honest about it. Take a deep breath and try not to play the blame game either on yourself or the outside world; know that it is a passing phase of your life which will naturally disappear. Know that no one, I repeat, no one can solve your life problem except yourself and through your effort. Help may come from unexpected quarters if it will.

In your quiet moment, I’m sure you must have heard a deafening, silent voice telling you how to go about certain issues, a direction of sorts. All great achievements and inventions come from this silent, almost oft-fast-disappearing voice.

So, know that you can’t make an omelet without cracking an egg, neither can a woman experience safe delivery without issues of blood. Challenges are natural arrangements necessary to shift us to the next and higher levels.

General Olusegun Obasanjo, in one of his numerous books after prison experience and having reached both pinnacle and deep valley of life, offers panacea for facing life challenges:

  1. Sleep little: one of the causes of life failures is not knowing that too much sleep is not a virtue, except one who is convalescing from certain ailment. If you want to be successful in life, do not spend the whole of the night sleeping. Get up in the middle of the night and reflect on your whole life when all are calm. It will amaze you the rewarding ideas, God, (or The Supreme Intelligence) will deposit in you to face your life challenges. For the religious, it will be time to pray and ask God for guidance. People who rule us know this for a fact and most times “sit” for ideas during the “silent hours”. Almost a decade ago, I over-heard a certain powerful commissioner in Lagos saying “Oru ni won n se’joba Eko”, literally translated, Lagos is ruled in the night. Is Lagos not great?
  2. Eat little: food is good for the body because it nourishes and gives energy. But just like any other thing done in excess, too much food is dysfunctional to healthy living. As we grow older, the amount of food required by the body diminishes. I have been close to a number of great people and notice their attitude towards food. You’ll probably think they hate food. I once overheard that if you must achieve your daily task and excel, you must watch what and how you eat. Most of us can consume anything edible, not minding whether or not our system is attuned to such foods at that time. The human body is probably the most sophisticated machine ever created. For this “machine” to function optimally, you must watch what and how you feed into it. You need to understand your body and not go with the often-paraded nutritional jargons and recommendations. Know that no two human bodies are the same. But as you grow older and wiser, it often pays to reduce your food intake. For the elderly, your body machine is not that strong as it used to be. But this is not to say you shouldn’t constantly nourish your body especially with fruits and water, generally regarded as the best friend of the body.

Others are: 3) Cultivate the habits of giving and forgiving.  4) Laugh and smile often.  5) Always pray and, or, have quiet moments where you can sit for ideas.

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