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Truth Of The Matter: What You Have Now Is Enough, If Only You Can Think

Truth Of The Matter: What You Have Now Is Enough, If Only You Can Think
  • PublishedNovember 9, 2018


It was a busy week for me because I had to finish up with a research task I’ve engaged in for the past two weeks. It was a self-imposed task on the role of rural women in Osun in creating wealth for their families. Our womenfolk in Nigeria are some of the most active groups in the world, if only they could get the kind of support which the Osun government is providing to the grassroot. They may not be highly literate but are nonetheless savvy in creating wealth to support their spouses in running of the family. “Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension”, as we were taught in those days in sociology and anthropology classes, has humongous impact on the society at large. This study will form a major part of an oncoming publication due to be released.

As I was rounding up on the data which my assistants tenuously analysed, my phone rang and it was my mentor. He apologized that he will not be available at his country home this weekend because of series of meetings he is billed to attend outside the state. He nonetheless asked if I could urgently meet with him in one of the guest houses in the capital city so that we can rub minds. I felt honoured to be considered one of his guests here in Osogbo, and I told him so.

“I’m really sorry to have altered your schedule for the week because you must have planned your week for other commitments. You see, as an elder statesman and stakeholder, one of the things we have to endure, even at our advanced age, is the need to provide advice on issues. This task takes me out of town and even out of the country some times.

“Your research project on rural women is a laudable one. And I give kudos to our rural dwellers because despite the challenges they face on daily basis, they are not laidback. They do not allow circumstances to weigh in on them. This brings me to the issue of our teeming youths who I can safely say have what I call Poverty or Lack Mentality. God has deposited something in every one of us, something unique with which we can live a meaningful life to the fullest. Do you know that God does not create carbon copy of anything? Everyone of us is unique in one way of the other and He has deposited in everyone, something which any other does not possess? All we need do is identify this unique quality or qualities and use of it to make a difference in our lives and to effect and affect our environment.

“my son, you and I and every other person living possesses everything we need to start in life. When youths of nowadays come crying that they need support, I give the little support that I’m able to but I do not fail to tell them that they can start something with what they have now. But unfortunately, because most of them have poverty or lack mentality, they believe they have absolutely nothing.

“Once you are ravaged by this mentality, hardly can you get out of poverty circle. Do you know that in life, the hardest of task is to start something it or to begin execution. Technology has even proven this to be true: look at automobiles, the hardest thing for a vehicle to operate is starting the engine. After it has revved to life, every other thing becomes easy. Same goes for aircrafts. The most tasking is getting off the ground, after which it balances and cruises into the sky. I even understand that after taking off the ground and assume required altitude, the pilots relax and what is called “auto-pilot” i.e, self piloting mechanism takes over until when about to land.

“So, because of the obvious difficulty in getting started, most of us assume that it can’t be easy executing certain tasks. That is the major reason why many people are afraid to be on their own to start something worthwhile in life.

“But nature is wonderful. My observation is that whenever you’re truly ready for anything, such thing puts up a formidable appearance to allow you to go carry it out. Many people may not understand what I’ve just said now. But let’s assume that you badly need to build a house of your own. The invisible energy created because of the serious desire to own a house within you will make you to seriously multiply your efforts in whatever vocation you are into such that in no time you will be able to generate such funds, or amount not too far to the required to build the house, or at least, to commence . Now, because some people have noticed your high level of seriousness in what you do, it is most likely that you’ll get assistance from even unexpected quarters to be able to fully executive your building agenda.

“So, what is that business you have always thought of going into? No funds to commence? But you have some disposable items in your home which you can exchange for cash. Why not just do that and approach those with knowledge of that business terrain and explain your intent. It will surprise you that your fear is nothing but fear. The supplier of the goods won’t mind giving you on credit so far he is sure you are serious and trustworthy. Many car marts and supermarkets you see in cities well-stocked get their goods this way.

“The gospel I want to preach to our young countrymen and women today is that nothing is absolutely impossible for a willing mind”.

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