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Tragedy Hits Egypt As 155 Deaths Recorded

Tragedy Hits Egypt As 155 Deaths Recorded
  • PublishedNovember 24, 2017

Over a hundred have been left injured while at least 155 injured after a massive suspected suicide attack on a Mosque in the Egyptian province of Sinai.

It is believed the incident was both a gun and bomb attack as many were attending the mosque for Friday prayer in al-Rawda near al-Arish.

State media have reported that more than 155 people have died and more than 100 people have injured.

Eyewitnesses have said that, after the blast, survivors were shot by gunmen as they tried to run from the area.

They also claimed the reason the mosque was targeted was to attack those who support security forces.

According to AP local police said there were four gunmen who travelled in four off-road vehicles.

Ambulances have been seen at the scene taking those affected to hospital.

Some reports claim those who conducted the attack have now fled to the desert.


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