Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners Calls For Collaboration Between Orthodox Doctors

Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners Calls  For Collaboration Between Orthodox Doctors
  • PublishedMarch 4, 2017

To curtail incessant lost of lifes due to situation of our health sectors in the country, a traditionalist and the chairman Osun State Board of Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners, High Chief Idowu Esuleke has called on the government at all levels to synergized the body with the Orthodox Doctors so as to work together in safing the life’s of the people just as he said the body would be of greater help for the doctors in boasting their professional carriers.

Chief Esuleke said, its will be of great significant for the government to reduce untimely death due to some uncurable deceases which a times may be difficult to use technology to handle by the Orthodox Doctors but could be cure using herbs.

He noted that, there is no disease that can not be cure using herbs saying the only uncurable disease is death which is inevitable,stressing that most of the uneasy delivery that usually led to CS could be cured using herbs citing examples of different delivery that have been taken by the individual members of the association using herbs.

He opined that if the ideal is taken by the government, it will attract the health tourist to make the states as their tourist centres and hence boast the economy of the states.

He enjoined the government to make use of the association in order to make the job of the Orthodox doctors easy by allowing them to be operating with them at the various hospitals.

While speaking on his assignment as the Chairman Board for Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners, Esuleke said, the board was set up by the Osun state government to curtailed the quack among the herbal medicine practitioners and to see to how to promote good healthy leaving of the people of the state by helping the Orthodox doctors.

He said, people of the state should report any quack noticed with concrete evidence to their office inside ministry of Health in Osogbo adding that there is complaint box mounted there where all complains with concrete evidence would be received and treated accordingly.

Esuleke maintained that the board have zero tolerance to quackery and will do all things to avert the quack in Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners in the state.

He however enjoined the people of the state not to patronise the quack, and disabused the insinuation that traditional medicine has no measurement saying it has measurement but people don’t take congnisance of it.

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