Thinking With You… Nigeria I Hate Thee!

  • PublishedJuly 28, 2017

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigeria is a dying nation.

For many years that distasteful reality has been painfully obvious to those Nigerians who are experiencing firsthand the human suffering brought about by the near total destruction of the nation and the brutality of a reckless, lawless, corrupt, and sadistic ruling class.

The underlying cause of so much death and destruction over the years is six fold: corruption, poverty, unemployment, nepotism, and the paucity of leaders.

Nigeria is repeating the disastrous evolutionary process that has plagued so many failed countries throughout mankind’s history. This process begins with a society willing to reject the fundamental concept that is necessary for any nation to thrive and prosper: respect for the uniqueness of different ethnic groups and right to self-determination.

The presidents that have presided over the affairs of Nigeria are aged despots and behaved like Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, and Hitler before them, have the ability to remain above the fray, appear as the champions of the people and manipulate the emotions of an ill-educated populace. They have all benefited in being able to exploit the ethnic guilt embedded in the Nigerian society.

As the twin dark clouds of democratic totalitarianism and omnipotent federal government slowly envelope our nation, a preponderance of the Nigerian people as well as many of the nation’s political and societal leaders, cower in the shadows and are willful accomplices of the powerful, irresponsible, all controlling, and good for nothing central government.

The signs are not very good. The signs are scary. Things are getting worse by the day. Faith is failing. Hope is fainting. Short of an overwhelming nation catastrophe, I fear there’s little chance to pull back from the brink. Now is the time to recognize how far this nation has fallen. With all the madness, absurdities, oddities, and evils going on in the country, of course, manufactured by the elite ruling class, I’m not ashamed or afraid to say Nigeria, I hate thee!

Source: Sahara Reporters

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