Suspected Robbers Break Into APC Secretariat

Suspected Robbers Break Into APC Secretariat
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2019

The National Secretariat of the All Progressive Congress APC was over the weekend burgled by suspected Thieves.

Available information has it that the miscreants gained access into the secretariat from the back after cutting the security wires.

The two persons said to have been arrested in connection with the incident were said to have gained access to the secretariat around 2.30am.

One of the police officers on duty was said to have heard a strange noise in the compound and decided to check through the back of the building and found one of the thieves kneeling down apparently to escape the prying eyes.

Thinking it was one of his colleagues, the officer was said to have called out his name and decides to move closer when there was no answer, only to discover that it was a strange person busy removing the airconditioners.

The police also discovered that the robbers had already removed one of the air condition and place it on top of the fence for easy transfer to their waiting vehicle while he was in the process of removing the second one.

Another person was said to have been arrested across the fence after others had already taken to their heels.

As this time of filing this report, available information has it that two of the robbers are currently in Wuse 2 police station explaining their involvement in the attack.

The party was yet to react to the development.

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