Super Eagles Static On World Football Ranking

Super Eagles Static On World Football Ranking
  • PublishedMay 5, 2017

Nigeria’s Super Eagles remain static in the latest rankings released by the world football governing body, Fifa on Thursday.

The Super Eagles are still ranked 40th in the World and fifth in Africa with 725.67 ranking points following little activity in the month of April.

Egypt, Senegal, Cameroun and Burkina Faso are the only African national teams better ranked than Nigeria in the latest classification.

The Super Eagles will return to competition in June with an African Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier against South Africa.

Top 10 national teams in Africa

1. Egypt (19)

2. Senegal (30)

3. Cameroon (33)

4. Burkina Faso (35)

5. Nigeria (40)

6. Congo DR (41)

Tunisia (42)

Ghana (45)

The Ivory Coast (48)

Top 10 national teams in the world

1. Brazil

2. Argentina

3. Germany

4. Chile

5. Colombia

6. France

7. Belgium

8. Portugal

9. Switzerland

10. Spain

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