Steve Harvey Talks On How To Know You’ve Found True Love

Steve Harvey Talks On How To Know You’ve Found True Love
  • PublishedOctober 9, 2017

One of the most enticing topics for young women all over the world has to be anything related to Love and relationships. Talk Show host Steve Harvey has finally let the cat out of the bag on how to find true love.

Talking to musician Tony Braxton on his Talk show, Steve said finding true love had nothing to do with the woman as long as she didn’t have any doubt in her mind about the man.

He however said the man must show that he is incomplete without her especially when they are apart. Talking to Tony Braxton he said;

” It’s about him, not about You.

You know, but what you have to do is make sure he feels that way about you.

When you’re away, It’s that he doesn’t do well without you.

He can’t breathe good, He’s not the same, He checks up on you,

He wonders about your whereabout, not in a controlling way but he just wants to be in touch.

When you get that I can’t breath without you kinda feeling from that guy, then you that’s HIM”



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