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Sterling Bank Shades ‘Elder’ Commercial Banks on Twitter

Sterling Bank Shades ‘Elder’ Commercial Banks on Twitter
  • PublishedJuly 22, 2018

Sterling Bank has started a tweeter conflict with other Nigeria’s ‘elder’ commercial banks as each banks are now taking turns to reply at each other on Twitter with many Nigerians enjoying the fun side of the chit chat.

The clash started late Friday when Sterling Bank posted a tweet which had a graphic illustration of a bank customer on a space ship shooting for the moon with a Sterling Bank logo.

The graphic also included a boy slaking on a board with what seemed like an Access Bank board. It also had somebody looking out of a window of a cube looking house with a color related to GTB while two boys each rode on an elephant and horse respectively in subtle shade to First Bank and Union Bank respectively.

However, many Nigerians are giving the bank’s creative marketing strategy and addvert a thumbs up which has in turn fetched them awareness and customers.

Union Bank responds

“Heading to the moon without a spacesuit…journey mercies”#simplersmarterSAFERbanking— UNION BANK (@UNIONBANK_NG) July 21, 2018.

Access Bank also responded to the tweet;

“We will travel on an imaginary rocket too, if we were a one-customer Microfinance Bank; but with ten million customers and counting, we rather bring the galaxy to you!”#YouAreWorthIt#TakeTomorrow#KnowYourElderspic.twitter.com/pBGuW8JaLo— Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) July 21, 2018
Acess Bank's subtle shade

First Bank responds

First Bank replies Sterling Bank's shade
“… And straight into the trash can.”#RespectYourElders#MoveOver#NextPlease#YouFirstpic.twitter.com/tkyZe9FVgc— FirstBank Nigeria (@FirstBankngr) July 21, 2018.

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