SRJ’s Bill Goes To Second Reading

SRJ’s Bill Goes To Second Reading
  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2021


By Yusuf Oketola

THE bill proposing a Federal Medical Centre in Osogbo, State of Osun moved by Sen. Ajibola Basiru at the Senate has scaled the first reading and it’s now slated for second reading. Analysts have described the establishment bill as vital for the health needs of Osogbo and environs.

A lot of people wonder about the quality of the representatives they send to Abuja and rightly so since a lot rides on their efficacy and ability to deliver.

Here, the perception is that Senator Ajibola is delivering on his statement of mission. the bill when passed will be a landmark achievement  impacting on the social and health infrastructure of the state capital in particular and the state in General.

The Senator as a first timer has sponsored three bills in six months, the bills according to him include a bill for the establishment of Federal College of Education Ila-Orangun, a bill to provide for the establishemnt of the State Police and to ensure the effective Communal Policing and a bill for the establishment of political parties registration and regulation commission.

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