Sports Agent To Connect 100 Youths In Osun For International Opportunities

Sports Agent To Connect 100 Youths In Osun For International Opportunities
  • PublishedAugust 7, 2021


A sports agent and the technical director of Liway Football Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mr Muhammed Mustapha has expressed his readiness to pick one hundred Youths in the state of Osun through sports and various careers and connect them for international opportunities.

Mustapha made this known while addressing journalists in Osogbo.

The sports agent in his remarks said a lot of people across the country have benefited from the initiative stating his desire to take the project down to his origin in Osun which will kick start at the Obafemi Awolowo University Stadium, Ilesa on Sunday, August 8 and the grand finale in Osogbo on Monday and Tuesday, 9th and 10th August, 2021 respectively.

He said, “This is my state and I think its time for me, my organization, my football club, my agency to also fall back to base. What we are doing right now is that we are falling back to base.

“I’m glad to be here today because they say no matter how far you travel, you will definitely never forget your beginning, wherever you have been to, you must remember home.

“We are here to unveil a project call ‘sports and More’. The aim of the project is to empower the youths of Osun State, First, through sport and other career being whether training as a fashion designer, Barbers, as many as career out there that we can help them with.

“What we want to do is categorically 80% sport, after examining critically, we thought it is wise also to use our connections To help the youth of Osun State on securing jobs that they will use to fall back to the society and help the state, build the state.

“So when I am talking about jobs, I’m not talking about jobs in Nigeria, I am talking about international jobs and before we commence this, we have traveled so many countries, I have been to Kuwait, Qatar etc and we have build a relationship with organizations and companies.

“Now, we want to come back home and help our youths, to connect them with all these companies in one way or the other. It not only about football, but definitely, when we say sports, sport presently is the third religion we have in the universe.

“When we talk sport everybody comes out, it means it the key to unity. So we are using sport as a platform, of course as a club owner, we have a scouting event in our project of which we are starting in Ife.

“I am not just an ordinary agent that will just come down and pick and connect with club, what agents does is that they come down, they pick a player, they connect the player the club, it now for the club to accept the player or say no. But I’m a club owner, a technical director of a club. All I need to do is to pick a player and get him in my club at worst.

“If will pick two persons from Osogbo, I don’t need to start looking for club to take them to, I will just call the coach of my club and say, I have two players and I’m sending them. They will just go there straight and sign without trial. So I’m trying to differentiate myself from other scouting event that happens in states in Nigeria.

“For some people who are familiar with our agency, they would have gone through our website and see our numerous players that have traveled here and there, some in Ukraine, some in Poland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany etc. Last year, I was in Kano State where we organised an event, we partner some top staffs form Kano State, we picked 15 of the boys, in fact we partner with one of their university there, so the event was done in the university of Kano, and as I speak to you right now, seven of the boys are not in Nigeria.

“We have done this event in Kano, we have done in Lagos State, we partnered with National sport commission, we were given the national stadium. We have done an event in Edo State, Ogun State and some other states. And I said if I can be helping talents not from my one state and I said it time for me to think otherwise go back home.

“What make you think there’s no talent in Osun State? There is talent in Osun State. Coming back to the National team also, I have worked with the national team, 2009 youth world cup, I was part of FIFA FOC, I checked how many footballers do we have from Osun State, I have worked with football clubs in Nigeria, I have worked football clubs abroad and I decided to make that type of connection and with it comes to sport, with all the think I have put together, I said it time to fall back to base. And that is why we tagged this as sports or more.

“In the area of football, we must scout for the best and aside from that we will collaborate with individuals and companies that are ready to partner with our organization in empowering the youths of Osun State and our plan and focus is to be empowering and connecting 100 youths from Osun State every year to there dreams, in Sport and More. We will touch everywhere in Osun, we want to pick hundred youths and connect”.

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