Soldiers Harass Shop Attendant In Osogbo

Soldiers Harass Shop Attendant In Osogbo
  • PublishedOctober 26, 2018


By Sikiru Obarayese

Four newly-recruited Soldiers were arrested on Tuesday for beating a shop waiter on the allegation that he took their pictures while in quarrel with a business man at Station road Osogbo,

It was gathered that trouble ensued when the soldiers, who were in uniform came to a shop to return a plasma TV which one of their friends  bought since March this year.

The shop owner, Semiu Kolapo who sold the television explained that he was surprised when the soldiers came in to his shop requesting for a new TV of which the price is higher than the returned one.

Semiu said that he had told the buyer to repair the TV for N7000 and he has not seen him since their last discussion and later surfaced on Tuesday with his soldiers friends for a new TV.

When the argument ensued, Semiu said that he just saw one of the soldiers went to the next shop and started beating the waiter at the shop.

While speaking with the shop waiter, Asimolowo Adewuyi, he described the incident has unexpected, explaining that he was making a call when the soldiers started punching him.

He said the soldiers were claiming he was snapping them, “of which I was making a call, and I don’t even know what they are discussing at that shop.”

Semiu added that he called the attention of police authority to intervene and the matter was taken to Dugbe Police station for settlement.

He said that police confirmed the identity of the soldiers as new recruits and later released them after the matter has been settled.

He recounted that the same incident had happened in the same area last week where soldiers attacked a shop owner for not accepting the return of goods  a brother to one of them bought a long time before then.

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