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Shortly After Suggestion To Trump That He Postpone The State Of The Union Address, Trump Blocks Pelosi From Using Military Plane

Shortly After Suggestion To Trump That He Postpone The State Of The Union Address, Trump Blocks Pelosi From Using Military Plane
  • PublishedJanuary 18, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump has once again showed himself as the ‘King of petty” after he stopped House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi from using a military plane for an overseas trip.

Recall that the Democratic leader had suggested to Trump that he postpone the State of the Union address during the partial government shutdown.

Republican Trump told Pelosi in a letter that her trip to Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan, which he derided as a “public relations event,” would be postponed, citing the shutdown that has entered its 27th day.

It was not clear what trip Trump was referring to. Lawmakers often do not publicise foreign trips before they occur for security reasons, particularly when the trips involve a war zone as in this case.

“Due to the shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed,” Trump’s letter said.

Trump told Pelosi she could make the trip by flying commercial.

The U.S. House Speaker normally uses a military plane for overseas travel and it was on that basis that Trump, as commander in chief, appeared to be acting.

“He postponed her ability to use military air,” which must be approved by the Department of Defense, said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

On Wednesday, Pelosi had written to Trump suggesting he postpone his Jan. 29 State of the Union address because of security concerns during the shutdown.

The government has been partially shut since Dec. 22, in a standoff triggered by Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion to fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which Democrats oppose.

Presidents traditionally deliver the nationally televised annual address, which lays out the administration’s goals for the year, in the House of Representatives chamber before a joint session of Congress and the majority of the Cabinet.

Pelosi said earlier on Thursday that she had not received a response from the White House, and Trump did not respond to the suggestion in the letter.

Trump’s action drew criticism from one of his Republican allies in the Senate.

“One sophomoric response does not deserve another,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wrote on Twitter.

He criticised Pelosi’s move on the State of the Union as “blatantly political” but said, “President Trump denying Speaker Pelosi military travel to visit our troops in Afghanistan, our allies in Egypt and NATO is also inappropriate.”

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