Sex & Life: Who Is A More Complicated Gender?

Sex & Life: Who Is A More Complicated Gender?
  • PublishedApril 6, 2018


By Damilola Ojenike

You may have come across this question, at least, once in your life that, is woman more complex or men are more complicated? Most guys will say girls are more complicated while if you are going to ask girls, most of them will tell you that guys are more complex.

In the ancient times, women were considered to be the lower caste, but nowadays, the empowerment and equality principle had put an end to this discrimination, yet, there are some exceptions.

Women are psychologically more emotional than men. I don’t think I have to provide any proof for that.

I don’t think I’m the only one who has witnessed or experienced this. There are countless women who’ve been told they’re complicated – especially when they ever ask for something in a relationship.

For whatever reason, it’s commonly believed that men are simple and women are too complicated.

However, most claims about the innate differences between men and women are scientifically unfounded. It’s more likely that the idea that women are more complicated often gets used to discount their feelings and that’s not cool.

We need to stop saying women are complicated and start empathizing it because it treats valid emotions as evidence that something is wrong with them. When people say women are complicated, they’re usually referring to something intrinsic to their personalities, not circumstances.

Another common consequence of labeling women too complicated is dismissing their feelings and requests. This can lead to an enormous amount of gas-lighting in relationships, but in reality, these “complications” result from women being oppressed by societal gender norms that make things like food, sex, and relationships complicated. If women seem too complicated, that’s probably because the media, politics, and other external forces affecting them are.

It means that when we constantly say that women are more complicated, men are simple. It comes up in nearly every area of life: Women supposedly want a long list of things from relationships, while men just want sex. Women are almost impossible to please in bed, while men are easy. Women get all emotional about everything, while men don’t feel much at all.

It is a proven fact that women are more emotionally emotional as compared to men. For example, what is just red to a man may be a rose or velvet or something which is blossoming all the way from nowhere. So, the way they handle their emotions is completely different from men. According to many, it is these emotions which make women more complex. But again it depends on how you define complexity.

Unlike that of a man, a woman’s world revolves around love, family and other softer aspects of life. Small things, which may go unnoticed by a man, give her happiness and with a string cling to it, these small things can turn her world upside down too. She may pretend she doesn’t care but deep down she is holding on. Men on the other hand are self-motivated and they know how to hide their emotions.

Women, thanks to their gender, are multi-taskers. To a kid they are a mother, to parents a loving daughter, to brother an everlasting support, to husband a companion, a friend, a partner and to a boss a hardworking employee who is never ready to give in that easily. While in a conventional society the only responsibility a man has, is to earn the living.

Now with all that said, shall we still call them complicated Gender? Well that is for the simple reason that men are far more logical and keep it straight. But it may kill all the fun part! Women may complicate things at times but they know very well what they are doing. So for the time being, you have to sit and just listen to what they want to say.

At the end of the day, you shall see the things coming together- that is where women surprise us. Men and women, both are complicated. At least both seem complicated to each other. Both react to situations differently, men want solution to every problem and women want emotional support.


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