Senate President To Investigate Death Of Queen’s College Students

Senate President To Investigate Death Of Queen’s College Students
  • PublishedApril 28, 2017

Senate President Bukola Saraki has vowed to ensure those responsible for the deaths of three students of Queen’s College, Lagos, to be prosecuted. The school suffered an outbreak of Diarrhoea in February. Three students of the school died of the disease while many others were hospitalized.

Some of the students claim that a cat died in their water tanker and they were forced to still use the water to bath despite complaints that the water was seriously smelling.
Lagos state government ordered the closure of the school but has now given a nod for it to be reopened tomorrow Saturday, April 29th.
In a statement released by his special assistant on print media, Chuks Okocha, Saraki said an investigation would be conducted and those found guilty would be prosecuted.

“I will direct that when this matter comes to the floor as a motion. We will debate and make resolutions. Definitely, there must be an investigation. In every civilised society, it is very shameful that young girls could lose their lives in this kind of situation. The best we can do is to make sure that this kind of incident never happens again. Management must explain how the situation got to this level and anybody who is found responsible, necessarily, they must be prosecuted. I think this would have been easily avoided and we can’t continue to live in a society like this, I want to assure you that we will look into this. The ministry of education, must tell us what they have been doing. We are sure that there has been release of funds, what have they done with it? We need to sit down and ask ourselves what we really need to do to fix education in this country. We cannot continue to watch things get this bad. Any laws we need to amend or any law we need to introduce, we need to address that,” he said

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