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Russian Cabinet Resigns After Putin’s Inauguration

Russian Cabinet Resigns After Putin’s Inauguration
  • PublishedMay 7, 2018

Russia’s cabinet resigned after President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a new presidential term, the government press service said in a statement Monday.

“[Prime Minister] Dmitry Medvedev signed an order on the Russian government’s resignation,” the government said.

Presidential elections were held in Russia on March 18. Voter turnout was 67.54 per cent.

Putin won the elections gaining 76.69 per cent of the vote, with over 56.4 million voters casting their ballots for him, according to Central Election Commission data.

Meanwhile, Putin has proposed that the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, consider the candidacy of Medvedev.

Medvedev was the head of government during Putin’s previous presidential term from May 8, 2012.

Earlier, Putin after swearing in, said: “I consider it my duty and reason for my being to do everything for Russia, for its present and future – peaceful and prosperous – for preservation and continuation of our great people, for prosperity in every Russian family…

“I will do everything in my power for this,” Putin said at the inauguration ceremony.

He vowed to do everything possible to increase Russia’s strength and glory.

“Dear friends, as the head of state, I will do everything to multiply the level of prosperity and glory of Russia in order to meet the needs of society and hopes of the country’s citizens,” Putin stressed.

Putin also noted that while changing along with the rest of the world, Russia should not forget its history and uniqueness.

Under the Law on the Election of the President of the Russian Federation, the inauguration procedure is held six years after the inauguration of the president’s predecessor.

In the event of election rerun that has been appointed for this day or in the event of early election, the president-elect shall be inaugurated on the 30th day after the official publication of the presidential election results by the Russian Central Election Commission.

Since 2000, the president of Russia is inaugurated on May 7.


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