Rumour Of Measles Outbreak Dispelled

Rumour Of Measles Outbreak Dispelled
  • PublishedNovember 2, 2018


In the last two weeks, there have been rumours making the round within Osogbo and its environs that there has been a re-emergence of the dreaded measles disease.

The fear had risen from the breakout of skin rash and accompanying fever on the skin of a cross-section of children within the metropolis.

On investigation, the State Immunisation Officer, Osun State Primary Health Care Development Board, Mrs. Adeosun, revealed to OSUN DEFENDER that there had never been any occasion for measles outbreak in the state.

She maintained that the state had been declared measles free by the relevant health agencies and also that the various immunization exercises conducted by the state had helped to put a check to any outbreak of such diseases.

“Until the beginning of last week, there has been frightening reports amongst residents of the state capital, Osogbo”.

Earlier, there had been reports that measles had broken out in some parts of the state and there was fear amongst some sections of the populace.

Meanwhile, an on-the-spot assessment conducted by this medium confirmed that in some areas, there had indeed been emergence of chicken pox in a number of under 5 children.

A message sent to the office of the Osun State Epidemiologists did not get any response as at the time of going to press.


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