Robbers Besiege Modakeke Community

Robbers Besiege Modakeke Community
  • PublishedMarch 4, 2018

By Sodiq Lawal

Life has seemingly become hell for residents of Akarabata line 1 in Modakeke, State of Osun, following incessant attacks by men of the underworld.

Business activities have also grounded to a halt in the area as a result of the activities of these criminals who always smoke, terrorize and rob them.

Residents of the area called on the state government and security agencies to rescue them from armed robbery attacks.

They claimed that the hoodlums have been terrorising them many years ago, adding that the attacks have escalated to daily affair.

Our correspondent gathered that most tenants have packed out of the street for fear of falling victim to armed gangs that allegedly assault their victims.

Our correspondent who visited the area at exactly 12:30am was attacked but escaped by running away while he was chased till he got to the main road leading to Lagere.

A resident of the area who craved anonymity, told our reporter that, “the robbers are usually armed with guns and knives and rob residential apartments freely. They always smoke every day in the area. They are young boys who know the areas in which they operate very well.”

Investigations showed that the hoodlums have devised different means of carrying out their nefarious activities. Most times, they rob with commercial motorcycles, ambushing workers on their way to work. At other times, they attack traders and shop owners while closing for the day.

Victims that spoke with our reporter said the area has been attacked severally in the last three months and each time the bandits stormed, it was a bitter tale for victims.

It was learnt that during one of their operations, residents alerted the police who arrived from but parked quietly to enable them ambush the bandits on their way out.

Regrettably, policemen who were on routine patrol also arrived the scene with blaring sirens which alerted the robbers and they eventually escaped.

Presently, it has taken a very troubling dimension since they began to move from house to house, robbing residents. Unfortunately, efforts by residents to employ the service of private security like the local vigilante, failed woefully as the landlords were not united in the decision.


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