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Real Reason We Sacked Abuja Imam – Mosque Chairman Speaks

Real Reason We Sacked Abuja Imam – Mosque Chairman Speaks
  • PublishedApril 7, 2022

The chairman of the Apo Quarters Mosque committee, Senator Saidu Dansadau has explained what led to the sack of Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the chief Imam of the Mosque.

Recall that ADULAWONEWS had  earlier reported that the Imam was relieved of his duties on Monday after a sermon hammering on the state of insecurity in the country.
In an interview with BBC Hausa, Dansadau said that he had warned the Imam to desist from preaching sermons that could incite unrest.
He stated further that the major reason for the sack of the cleric was discouraging Nigerians from casting their vote in the upcoming 2023 elections, maintaining that such a message could incite violence in Nigerians.

“Our biggest issue with Sheik Nuru Khalid was that he said Nigerians should not vote except politicians assure them of security. We felt that some Nigerians will take advantage of the statement due to what is currently happening in Nigeria. Some people don’t want the 2023 elections to be held.
“I had personally sat down with Sheik Nuru Khalid. I told him that Nigeria is currently in a delicate situation regarding the election, so we need to be careful, since you came to the mosque, you have been attacking the government and nothing has changed. Focus on telling Nigerians to return to God.
“People are saying that I just want the government to give me a position and that is why we sacked the Imam, others are saying that I was paid to do so but the God that I serve knows my mind”.

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