Rapper Eva Alordia Tells The Story Of Her Birth As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Rapper Eva Alordia Tells The Story Of Her Birth As She Celebrates Her Birthday
  • PublishedAugust 13, 2018

Eva Alordiah is a year older today and to mark the day, she shared the story of her birth.

She took to social media to say;

When my Parents tell my birth story, which I have heard now maybe a hundred times, they never fail to stress on the fact that it began to Rain heavily as soon as I came out.

There they were, a couple in the middle of nowhere on a road trip, trying to figure out what to do with poor little me, blood, umbilical cord and baby cries.

My Mom, a young practising nurse at the time had birthed me in the car with my Dad’s help.

But the Rain!

That’s the part they stress on the most.

“As soon as she came out ehnn, if you see the heavy rain!” My dad would say, his eyes beaming as his mind worked to recollect the scenes from the past which I am sure he will never forget.

For as long as I can remember, it has always rained on the 13th of August.

Maybe a reminder, maybe a sign, whatever it is, it brings me the most joy.

Today, I am in Accra. Isn’t it funny? This time last year I was right here in Accra!

No coincidences, I don’t believe in coincidences. There’s something about this beautiful place that has a piece of me.

“It hasn’t rained in Accra in a long time!” My friend said to me, shaking his head as he tried to explain how he couldn’t understand why the rains have refused to come down.

Last night I stood out, arms stretched in profound gratitude for Life as I looked up to the starless night sky.

“Bring the waters down on this town,” I pleaded. “It is my birthday today, let it come down as a Sign.”

But a sign for what?

I have no clue what that meant.

All I can tell you is it rained at 2:00AM today, almost pouring, in Accra!

And as I type this at 9AM, it is still drizzling.

I cannot explain to you how I feel, but I can tell you for a fact I AM THE MOST HAPPY I HAVE EVER BEEN!

Today I am grateful for my Parents, who have done nothing short of teaching us the way of Love, caring for us selflessly and putting their own needs under a rug so ours can be provided for.

Happy Birthday to me!!! UrrghH!_

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