R-Kelly Still Swimming In Troubled Waters

R-Kelly Still Swimming In Troubled Waters
  • PublishedAugust 22, 2017

Just when we think R Kelly is out of his sexual cult drama another victim has come up to say that she was traumatized by what the music Legend put her through. Jerhonda Pace, a 24-year-old married mother of three, has broken a signed non-disclosure agreement to reveal details about R. Kelly’s alleged perverted sex life and how she was a victim while underage. In 2008, Jerhonda who was a 15-year-old high school student attended the RnB star’s trial on 14 counts of making child pornography and was eventually traumatized by a sexual relationship with Kelly when she turned 16.

To back up her claims, she has signed legal documents, drafts of settlements between herself and Kelly, correspondence between attorneys involved, a polygraph test performed at the request of her attorney regarding her relationship with Kelly and a subsequent payment made by Kelly’s management company to Pace.

Jerhonda claims to be concerned about women still living with Kelly in an abusive cult and is particularly concerned about a friend she brought into Kelly’s circle when they were both teenagers, who is believed to still be with him.

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