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Political miscalculations cost us Osun bye-poll – Kwankwaso

Political miscalculations cost us Osun bye-poll – Kwankwaso
  • PublishedJuly 12, 2017

Former Kano state governor and Senator representing Kano central senatorial district in the National Assembly, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, spoke with journalists on the loss of APC in the Osun bye-election last Saturday, cold relationship between the Presidency and National Assembly

Former Kano state governor and senator representing Kano central senatorial district in the National Assembly, Sen Rabiu Musa kwankwaso, has attributed the frequent clashes between the presidency and the National Assembly, to failure of the executive to uphold the culture of lobbying . Kwankwaso stated this yesterday in an interview with journalists in Yola, where he explained that, this has been the practiced in most democracies in the world, not only in Nigeria. He stressed that this would go a long way to reduce the frequent misunderstanding between the two arms of government saying “even though in democracy they must not always agreed with each other all the time”.

“You see the issue of relationship between the executives and the National Assembly is still within the bracket of people, especially those who are not familiar with the constitutional functions of the two arms of government and of course, constitutional provisions they will always say that the relationship is not rosy, but along the line in democracy the National Assembly and the executive may not agree with themselves all the time” “But the debates that is going on, on the issue of screening of government nominees is always there in all democratic dispensation not only in Nigeria even in some countries like US and so on, you have people who have to go and lobby not only the nominees, but the government itself to convince the lawmakers on why their nominated persons should be screened and approved so that, they can go and do the job that is the position all over the world”

He stated. On APC loss of Osun west bye election: The former Kano state governor attributed it to sympathy and political miscalculations on the part of APC leadership which he believe should not be used to conclude that the popularity of APC among Nigerians is dwindling, adding that, the election is not a fair reflection of the popularity of APC and PDP in Osun state and in Nigeria “No I don’t think the election is a fair reflection of PDP and APC position in Nigeria even in the state. What happened was based on sympathy to brother of our late friend and colleague Sen Adeleke, may his soul rest in peace, so it wasn’t based on APC and PDP. It was based on sympathy and political miscalculations on the part of APC, I think in the state so wait and see we have various bye elections and gubernatorial elections ahead.” He asserted. On whether he will contest the 2019 presidential election, and his present relationship with his former deputy and present governor of Kano Gov Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, whom he has since parted ways with. He simply said: “I want to say that 2019 is in the hand of God moreover, it is still far but in politics is just like 7 days so for me, what I always tell my friends is that am a politician first and secondly if I have any reason to contest any election that is a bonus but now we are in politics and we are moving on. Am happy with APC at the national level and even at the states levels so we are moving on” “When the time comes we will tell you the position of things but for now we are allowing the government to function and function very well we don’t want to create too much noise that will distract them but very soon things will pick up.

Th is is second half of 2017 have patient very soon things will start in the politics and I can assure you that you will sell your papers very well” “And on Kano politics I always tell my good friends members of the press that everything has its own time. This is not the time to talk about Kano politics when the time comes also we will let you know the position of my group, my people the Kwankwasiyya movement in Kano and other parts of the country” He assured.

He called on Nigerians irrespective of their regional, tribal, political and religious affiliations to live together in peace with one another, noting that this is not the time to fight but to work together for the peace, unity and development of the country.

Source: Blueprint

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