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How Police Paves Way For Crime Suspects’ Escape

How Police Paves Way For Crime Suspects’ Escape
  • PublishedMarch 11, 2018
  • We Don’t Compromise Investigations – Osun Police

By Shina Abubakar

Some pockets of crime in the state of Osun in recent times may not be unconnected with the way and manner police operatives handle some reported crime cases, thereby creating escape route for some of the most notorious criminals that ordinarily ought to have been in prison.

Investigations revealed that some notorious criminals, who were caught during operations or even arrested on tip off, often buy their ways out of prosecution, as some of the officers investigating their cases do have their sight on how much the culprits could offer rather than allowing justice prevail on them.

Sometimes, political interference prevented notorious criminals from being brought to justice as cases involving criminals having ties in one way or the other with political gladiators are often settled at police stations, while few that managed to get to the court drags on perpetually until it is dismissed.

Checks show that some of the suspects arrested during the various cult clashes around Osogbo last year have been released on various excuses, even as the public knew of the involvement of some of these criminals in the disruption of public peace which at times leading to waste of lives. For instance, one Rugged Mutiu, and other members of a gang were freed against the expectation of the public.

The medium gathered that some members of the judiciary even frowned at the manner the suspects were released, saying it could set a bad precedence in the state.

However, an inside source told OSUN DEFENDER that with the way suspects relate with police, especially investigating officers in charge of their cases, nothing could stop issues of suspects being set free at the police station or arraigned for smaller charges in the court of law.

It was gathered that police hold all the ace in crime investigation, as whatever the operatives accused a suspect of is subjected to miraculous changes provided the  suspects are ready to dance to their tune, during the course of investigation.

In most cases, freeing a suspect is not as a result of lackadaisical attitude of the police, but a deliberate attempt to ensure that such a suspect is released on bail or even set free by the court for lack of diligent prosecution.

Some suspects, according to findings, parted with amount ranging from N100,000 to N300,000 depending on the nature of the alleged offence while others, particularly those with political influence are often freed irrespective of the gravity of their offence.

However, a police DPO at a public function claimed that victims’ lack of interest in prosecuting cases create lacuna and avenue for suspect to escape prosecution in most cases.

He urged the public, particularly those with information about cases in police station to always show resolve to prosecute cases and follow it till the end as a means of ensuring that criminals are punished for their crimes.

But in a sharp contrast, a clergyman, Prophet Michael Adebisi who showed chivalry and assisted the police to arrest four robbery suspects claimed that police did conspire with suspects to create an easy escape route for some of the suspects out of the tight situation.

He narrated how he assisted the police to arrest four suspects only for the police to arraign two in court and on lesser charges different from what they committed. He claimed the suspects were trying to rob their victims with dangerous weapons but only two were arraigned on charges of stealing and malicious damage and the whereabouts of the other two unknown.

Upon complaints, the clergy revealed that the police insulted him for attempting to teach them how to conduct investigation.

Some criminals, who have escaped trials as findings revealed, have been boasting around that when arrested for any crime, they know their way around police investigation and can get away with any crime.

While reacting to the issue, the Police Public Relations Officer in Osun, Mrs. Folasade Odoro disclosed that it is impossible for any police officer to release a crime suspect under any circumstance whatsoever.

She disclosed that it is possible for anybody to be arrested during the course of any operation, but when investigation is conducted into the issue and the person is found to be innocent, such person could be released, because the police cannot hold innocent person without any genuine reason.

According to her, if anyone is telling the press that police releases crime suspects, that is just fallacy and absolutely impossible.


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