Police Brutalize Elderly Woman, #RevolutionNow Protesters In Osogbo

Police Brutalize Elderly Woman, #RevolutionNow Protesters In Osogbo
  • PublishedAugust 5, 2019

An elderly woman identified as Sariyu Akanmu was brutalised by armed policemen while ten members of “RevolutionNow” group were arrested by the police and operatives of the Department of State Security in Osogbo on Monday.

The security operatives dispersed the ‘RevolutionNow’ protesters.

Sariyu, who sells fufu, joined the protest after security operatives restricted the protesters from leaving Fagbewesa Junction, where they had assembled.

Security operatives had told the protesters to disperse, but the youth numbering about 30 decked in orange beret and handkerchiefs stood their ground and sang protest songs.

Security men later descended on the protesters and beat them before using tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Sariyu was later manhandled and openly brutalised by a policewoman and another armed policeman.

Ten members of the ‘RevolutionNow’ group were later arrested and taken away by the security men

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