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PDP: Osun APC Wowed At Adeleke’s Telemedicine, Digital Economy Initiatives

PDP: Osun APC Wowed At Adeleke’s Telemedicine, Digital Economy Initiatives
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2023


● Denies N90bn accrued to Osun State

The Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has accused the All Progressive Congress (APC) of exhibiting ignorance about telemedicine, digital economy and extraordinary performance of Governor Ademola Adeleke in the last 100 days, denying report that the state has received N90 billion naira in the last three months.

Reacting to the APC statement, the Acting State Chairman of the PDP, Dr Adekunle Akindele said ” Governor Adeleke is a man of due process and rule of law who subjected all government’s financial transactions to public financial regulations. He is not like the former government which breached all known procurement rules, circumvented financial regulations and foisted an opaque financial management system on the state.

” The state account is open to the public and the public knows without being told that Governor Adeleke is not a thieving governor like those of the past as his focus and attention is on delivery of good governance. Because PDP and its government outperformed the APC and proved that people’s needs can be met, the APC has become disillusioned and cannot even offer believable lies against a Governor whose popularity rating is now knocking 90 percent.

“The statement by the State’s APC just confirmed why former Governor Gboyega Oyetola failed woefully as his team are ignorant of the significant advances in the field of digital economy financing through telecom investors, expansion of health care access to the poor through telephone powered telemedicine and innovations in good governance delivery through selfless leadership.

” Reading through the APC statement, you feel a party uneducated with stone age mentality about broadband fiber optic, the imperative of access to health care through mobile phones, the new governance mantra of people first in disbursement of public fund, the focus on people-impacting projects like the ongoing 332 boreholes projects across the wards, the life giving impact of ongoing statewide medical surgeries with targeted 18,000 beneficiaries among others.

” Because the APC under Mr Oyetola ran a sadistic, anti-people and anti-labour movement, its leadership cannot see the clearance of the half salary and pension challenges as achievements. The APC rejoices in inflicting pains on the workers and the people of the state and so the party is dazed and in disarray by the wonderful performance of Governor Adeleke across the sectors.

” If APC leadership is shameful, it is sufficient for it to listen to the voice of Osun people and their positive rating of the PDP government. The Adeleke is delivering on all critical areas of the state economy, building new roads, rehabilitating old ones and taken Osun on digital world map to create jobs and wealth for our people.

” Osun people should know that for four years ,former Governor Oyetola refused to allow the laying of broadband fiber optics for Osun state. Under three months, Governor Adeleke approved an MOU and flagged off the laying of the broadband internet connectivity cable. The project to be financed by telecom investors will interconnect Osun state without the state patching a kobo. To the stone age operatives of APC , expanding internet access in Osun state through the fiber optic project has no meaning. For Osun to now have the first state ICT Policy, State Tech innovations policy and domestication of the national start up act are no achievements. But the educated and enlightened world and citizenry are full of praise for Governor Adeleke for achieving these feats.

” Osun people are aware that the APC abandoned many critical projects including the Osogbo-Ikirun -Kwara boundary roads. Governor Adeleke re-mobilised the contractor to site and the road is billed for commissioning on Friday. Considering that Mr Oyetola abandoned the road for four years, is that not a commendable achievement for Governor Adeleke to have completed it?

” The APC team is dazed and confused. All what Mr Oyetola said cannot be done are been achieved and implemented by Governor Ademola Adeleke. The reason principally is that the PDP government is not a thieving government ; his Excellency is committed to a transparent management of state resources. He blocked all leakages in revenue generation and redirected disbursement of public funds to areas of needs of the people.

Dr Akindele who reassured Osun people of more dividends of democracy called on voters to punish the APC and her candidates at the March 11 state elections by voting overwhelmingly for the PDP assembly candidates.

“By persisting in lies as an incorrigible bunch of maladministrators, APC should be hammered hard on Saturday. Let the outcome be 26 -0 against the APC. That is the way to reaffirm the support of our people for good governance”, the statement concluded.


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