Osun: Peaceful And Secured

Osun: Peaceful And Secured
  • PublishedApril 13, 2018

The horrific event in Offa, Kwara State is a reminder of the need for eternal vigilance in our security landscape. Our condolences go to the families of the bereaved. The best way to express our condolences is to ensure that it never happens again.

The current grim reality nationwide calls for sober reflection as well as comparative analysis. A good comparison here is the State of Osun, which shares a boundary with Kwara State. In Osun State, the pro-active policies of the governor of the state has spared the citizenry wide spread misery, as well as heightened anxiety. The security landscape is well secured, the state is well policed and at ease with and within itself.

We recall the procurement and distribution of 125 Security Patrol Vehicles, 25 Armoured Personnel Carriers to security agencies in the state to enhance security and an helicopter for air surveillance by the government of Osun. These are in addition to encouragement being given to security personnel in the state and the series of preventive measure put in place interms of youth employment.

Reinforcing this widespread opinion which has become the conventional wisdom is a recently published research finding of the foundation for Peace Professionals (FPP).  With data collected between 2010 and 2016, the findings rate Osun as the most peaceful state in Nigeria, followed by Kogi, Ekiti, Kwara and Imo States.

Yobe, Kebbi, Bauchi, Zamfara and Sokoto were found to be the least peaceful states in the country.

On a geo-political basis, Akwa Ibom was rated the most peaceful state in South-South, Kaduna in the North-West, Kogi in the North-Central, Osun in the South-West, Imo in the South-East and Taraba in the North-East.

The report also indicated that Lagos state had the least poverty rate, Zamfara the least crime, Ekiti, the least incarceration rate and Taraba, the least human right abuses rate.

South-East Nigeria had the highest number of higher education institutions in the country with Imo rated to be the most educated state.

What is indicative here is that the investment in human development and social services by the Aregbesola’s administration has demonstrably paid off. It also reveals the intrinsic link between human development initiatives and enhanced security. No wonder that the Osun initiative is being so widely initiated.

For this reason, we give kudos to a far-sighted government and stress the need for continuity as we approach a change-over of baton in the administration of the state.

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