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Osun Guber: “Ignore PDP” – Osun APC Tells Electorates

Osun Guber: “Ignore PDP” – Osun APC Tells Electorates
  • PublishedMay 1, 2019


The APC has called on the people of Osun to discountenance the concocted figures of over 3000 votes that the PDP is touting all over the place that INEC did not add to its fictional victory in last September’s governorship election.

“There are no such votes that INEC could have added to PDP’s numbers” the APC declared, accusing the PDP of “going all over the state making irresponsible claims about vote numbers that did not exist.”

According to the APC’s spokesperson in Osun, Kunle Oyatomi, “This is a culpable disinformation exercise based on absolute lies, which no genuine Osun citizen would believe.”

APC argued that “the PDP in Osun has an obligation to respect the courts, the the laws of the land and the electorate; but its total disrespect for all of these speaks volumes for that party’s political immaturity.

“This matter is in court; lawyers to both sides have made their presentations. We have a duty now to wait for the Court’s decision. Why is the PDP so agitated about victory and lying about it?”, the APC asked.

“The courts deserve our respect and it will be totally wrong for the PDP to continually show disrespect for the courts especially in the matter on hand”, the APC declared.

“The Justices presiding over the case have a duty to apply justice. We have confidence that ultimately justice will prevail,” the APC concluded.

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