Osun Commissioner Chides Former President Jonathan, Says Aregbesola Most Successful Gov

Osun Commissioner Chides Former President Jonathan, Says Aregbesola Most Successful Gov
  • PublishedMay 21, 2018
The State of Osun Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa has chided former president Goodluck Jonathan for describing Governor Rauf Aregbesola as a failure, saying that the governor is the most successful, popular and acceptable in the history of the state.
Baderinwa maintained that Aregbesola has done creditably well with the people of the state with many incredible dividends of democracy in their kitty, as well as development that forms the basis of its future greatness.
He stated this while addressing members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the weekly Ward 4 meeting of the party in Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government, on Sunday.
The Commissioner averred that Aregbesola has applied high level intelligence and creativity in solving most human problems as would be expected of a solid administrator of a political space, noting that only a former president that failed woefully in the delivery of good governance would consider Aregbesola’s administration a failure.
Baderinwa was apparently reacting to a statement by one Ikechukwu Eze, who claimed to be the Media Adviser to former president Jonathan, where he made attempt to rundown Aregbesola’s administration.
According to Baderinwa, Aregbesola has been most successful in meeting the needs of the people in terms of what is the essence of governments which ultimately is the wellbeing of the people.
He stated that Aregbesola’s performance and efforts have been well appreciated and acknowledged by rationale and reasonable people from across the world, as many accolades and honours had been poured on his administration in recent times.
Baderinwa said: “Only supervisor of an administration that milked Nigeria dried and bastardised the economy can afford to say the kind of balderdash published recently concerning the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.
“It takes a former president who governed Nigerian in prosperity with nothing to show for it to assume that all public office holders are like him, and it is a sad commentary on the manner of personalities governing Nigeria.
“With the many credible organizations using scientific basis to acknowledge many programs and projects carried out by the Aregbesola government as either the best or second best in the country, one wonders the state of mind and rationality of some people to have described Aregbesola government as a failure.
“Perhaps, reference to some of the well acknowledged and copied innovations of Aregbesola will put a lie to the irresponsible contention of former president Jonathan’s aide and his ilk.
“Osun was rated one of the five (5) states in the lowest unemployment rate in Nigeria by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2013, second only to Niger State in the Poverty Index by the National Bureau of Statistics, ranked second in human Capital on Nigeria’s first sub-national competitiveness index released by the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria.
“Osun has the lowest Poverty Index level – Statistician General of the Federation, Dr. Yemi Kale in December 2017. The state ranked 2nd Richest State in Nigeria by the United Nations’ Multi Dimensional Poverty Index in 2017. In a recent United Nations publication, Osun came second after Lagos in the result of a national assessment for 2014 on infant and maternal healthcare delivery.
“Osun is 13th Most Safest State in Nigeria – National Bureau of Statistics. In the data released by the NBS for its crime statistics for 2016, the state was ranked on the 13th position with an 0.94 index. This is just a few of the national and international commendation and appreciation of Aregbesola’s government.
“If the President Jonathan administration had not mismanaged the country’s resources, Aregbesola would have performed more excellently well because there would have been more resources to deliver good governance further.”

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