OSPOLY Aspirants For SUG Positions, Supporters, Begin Online Awareness

OSPOLY Aspirants For SUG Positions, Supporters, Begin Online Awareness
  • PublishedApril 5, 2019

By Joshua Afolabi

Aspirants for various Student Union Government (SUG), Faculties and Departmental executive positions of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree have started online awareness and mobilisation ahead of the next political dispensation.

On different facebook pages, some of the aspirants and their supporters said those who have sold them out and their allies should not be allowed at the helm of affairs again.

According to Ishola Olatunji, for total rejuvenation and sovereignty in the OSPOLY political dispensation, there is need for all students to repose confidence in candidates that have the capacity to rebuild the union

“Our stride to refurbish and redeem OSPOLY is not negotiable. Allow the capable hands to take control and witness unprecedented development from Solace, Ola Aluta, Toyestic, Ilo, Ednuf, Senator and Emancipation”, Ishola said.

Olamide Adebayo stated on Ospoly Aproko that Kenrajis a democratic and humane leader who can be depended on, objective, cooperative, innovative, intelligent and honest.

The post explained that Kenraj, Liberty and Lolly posh are the best team to revive the institution from the internal and external oppression.

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