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Oniduromi: Mike Bamiloye Reacts To Tope Alabi’s Apology To Alaseyori

Oniduromi:  Mike Bamiloye Reacts To Tope Alabi’s Apology To Alaseyori
  • PublishedJune 19, 2021

Popular Christian actor of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye has waded into the issue between singer Tope Alabi and her younger colleague Adeyinka Alaseyori.

Recall that on Saturday, June 12, Tope Alabi publicly criticized Adeyinka’s song ‘Oniduro Mi’ which means ‘My Guarantor’. Tope said the song belittles God’s capabilities.

There was a backlash from social media users who accused Tope Alabi of being jealous of Adeyinka.

She later apologized, saying she acknowledged her mistake was to have “externalized a personal message in public,” adding, “I’m sorry for doing that.”

As reported by Osun Defender, Adeyinka had asked the public to let the issue die, stating that the former is like a ‘mother’ to her. Thus Tope’s apology came after.

Reacting to all that has played out between the duo, Bamiloye wrote the singers a lengthy note which he posted on his Instagram on Friday.

“Welcome back from the Jordan River! Evang. TOPE ALABI, thank you for doing the needful with the Apologies, May the Devil be continually Disgraced and Disappointed over your life,” he wrote.

To Adeyinka, he said, “Thank you for remaining Calm in the middle of the Storms that the Devil raised to divide the Music Ministry that is even NOT YET LARGE ENOUGH for End-Time Revival.”

Speaking further to Adeyinka, he said, “Evang. YINKA ALASEYORI, I believe the Lord has allowed what happened to spring a Surprise to the Devil. The Devil meant it for a SHOWDOWN, but the Lord had used it as an UPROAR.

“Within a space of One Week, The Lord made your name Go Viral and People began searching for your music and began to follow you up on Instagram and Facebook. Even, I, I went to search for you and listen to your music and discovered you have been singing for a long time.”

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