On Today’s Unpopular Opinion On Palliatives

On Today’s Unpopular Opinion On Palliatives
  • PublishedApril 22, 2020

By Kikiowo Ileowo

‪If you can afford basic necessities, perish the thought that the government should provide some palliatives for you. ‬

‪If care is not taken, even the government may not be able to pay salaries in the next few months if things continue this way.‬

‪Let us think about this, if the FG is to give half the population (100m people) N50,000 each, that is‬

‪100,000,000 x N50,000 =‬

‪N5trn is approximately half of Nigeria’s total budget for 2020 before it was reviewed downwards.‬

‪1. Nigeria doesn’t have the money.‬

‪2. Nigeria can’t simply create the money through ways and means (including printing).‬

‪3. Even if it does number 2, there are simply no production and value to back up such amount of money.‬

‪4. You will end up having more money in the economy chasing few goods and services.‬

‪Though some claim that money in everybody’s hand will increase demand, the flip side is plenty money will be chasing few goods leading to hyper-inflation. The funds will erode the real value of our local currency as prices of the few goods available will increase spirally.‬

‪In the mean time, the real solution is for us to increase production capacity. Each and everyone of us must engage in productive activities in critical sectors of the economy. ‬


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