OLX Leaves Nigeria

OLX Leaves Nigeria
  • PublishedFebruary 8, 2018

CEO of OLX Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA), Sjoerd Nikkelen, has disclosed that the company would be shutting operations in Nigeria.

Although he made no mention of Kenya and Ghana, Nikkelen revealed that shutting down its physical in Nigeria was a difficult but important decision, stressing that it was for the firm to consolidate its operations globally.

He said:  “We made a difficult but important decision in Nigeria to consolidate our operations between some of our offices internationally.

“Our marketplace will continue to operate here — uninterrupted — as it has since 2010, and we remain committed to the many people here who use our platform to buy and sell every month. We continue to be focused on constantly innovating to make sure that OLX remains the top classifieds platform in the country.”


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