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Olufon Stool: Ruling House Kicks As Govt Kickstarts Appointment Process

Olufon Stool: Ruling House Kicks As Govt Kickstarts Appointment Process
  • PublishedSeptember 19, 2023
  • Sodiq Yusuf

The Osun State Government has reportedly begun the process to appoint a candidate to fill the vacant stool of Olufon of Ifon, headquarter of Orolu local government of the state.

OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered that the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs had written the Orolu local government to issue letter of nomination of candidate to the ruling house which is next in line to produce a new Olufon.

The late Olufon of Ifon, Oba Almaroof Magbagbeola Olumoyero II

The local government, according to sources, has written Laojo ruling house to forward candidate to be appointed as the Olufon of Ifon.

But the development has sparked reaction from Oluyeyin Ruling House, which has rejected the process.

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The Head of the Oluyeyin Ruling House, Prince Olatoye Oyedokun, said government was starting the appointment process on a wrong note, arguing that Laojo is not the next ruling house to produce new Olufon, according to the 1979 Chieftaincy Declaration on Olufon Chiefdom.

OSUN DEFENDER learnt that there are two different declarations on the Olufon stool – the 1979 and 1988 declarations.

The 1979 declaration which was promulgated during the reign of Oba James Olagunju Akinyooye recognised five ruling houses of Moronfolu, Olumoyero, Odunolu, Orisatoyinbo and Oluyeyin.

The 1988 declaration which was promulgated when Olufon stool was vacant was signed by Olobu of Ilobu. It recognized just two ruling houses – Orisafi (which comprises Oluyeyin, Olumoyero and Orisatoyinbo royal families) and Laojo (which comprises Moronfolu and Odunolu royal families.

Findings revealed that Olumoyero, Odunolu, Orisatoyinbo and Oluyeyin ruling houses kicked against the 1988 declaration and approached court on it, while only Moronfolu ruling house supported it.

Condemning the reported letter to the Laojo ruling house for the selection of new Olufon, Oyedokun questioned which of the declarations is being used by the government for the process.

Oyedokun noted that the government would be toeing a wrong path and acting against the law if it relies on the 1988 declaration as it appears to be on the selection process.

He said: “The government is aware of a pending case against the 1988 chieftaincy declaration on Ifon stool. Olumoyero, Odunolu, Orisatoyinbo and Oluyeyin ruling houses are challenging the declaration in suit number HOS/111/2021. Only Moronfolu Ruling house is in support of the 1988 declaration.

“We urged the government to exercise restraint on the selection of new olufon so as to avoid crisis and litigations.”

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