Odige-Oyegun Urges Nigerians To Be Patient

Odige-Oyegun Urges Nigerians To Be Patient
  • PublishedDecember 29, 2017

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, on Thursday revealed that Nigeria was a laughing stock before Buhari’s administration came on board in 2015.

Oyegun speaking on ‘Change’ promised by APC’, urged Nigerians to be patient. The APC national chairman speaking at a reception where he was conferred with the Distinguished Political Leadership Award by the Benin National Congress in Benin, Edo State said Change was a resolve not to return to bad old days.

Odigie-Oyegun said, “Change is not bridges. Change is not electricity. Change is not roads. Change is my perception as to what is right and what is wrong, what needs to be done and being faithful in getting it done.

“For as long as we, Nigerians, have the wrong type of morality, the wrong type of ethics, not all the roads in this world will get us out of the economic morass we have plunged ourselves into.

“Change takes time and consistency of application and the resolve not to go back to the bad old days.”

Oyegun reiterated that the Buhari administration took over a “totally collapsed economy”, assuring Nigerians that the President was doing his best to restore Nigeria’s economy.

“We took over a totally collapsed country. The hope is that things have started to solidify. Things have started to concretise; the economy has started to grow.

“It is not a switch; it is something that will take time. But once we are there, this nation will never experience the type of recession we had in the past.

“Until Buhari, we were a laughing stock. Today, we are gaining respectability. So, it is important that we do not lose that momentum,” Odigie-Oyegun added.


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