Obiano’s Failure Will Pave Way For APC’s Victory – Ikedife

Obiano’s Failure Will Pave Way For APC’s Victory – Ikedife
  • PublishedOctober 10, 2017

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Deputy Governorship candidate Mr. Dozie Ikedife jnr, on Monday, disclosed that the poor performance of the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano had created a big opportunity for the All Progressives Congress, APC, to win the coming election.

Dr Dosie who spoken in Nnewi said, “With Dr. Nwoye and myself as governor and deputy governor, respectively, there will be a new lease of hope and life in Anambra State that would signal a new era, now the Obiano’s lacklustre performance has made it very imperative to deny him second tenure.”

The APC running mate made it clear that Dr. Nwoye and himself were very young and vibrant with youth development initiatives, job creation, and empowerment at the core of their plans for Anambra State.

Ikedife said, “Our task now is to defeat a non-performing, but very well funded incumbent in the gubernatorial election. Time is tight. The campaign will gather much-heightened media visibility in the coming days.”

He said, “And by the time we are done, Anambra people will be convinced that we are a far better alternative to the Obiano administration. We have key messages that would be fleshed out in the coming media campaign and other points which will be deemed necessary as the campaign progresses.”

He added, “The APC government in Anambra State will empower youths and make them competitive through education, there was an obvious downward trend in performance in education since the present government took over, and one of the priorities of the APC government in Anambra will be to bring the state back to the top of the national education league.”

Ikedife said, “Dr. Tony Nwoye and Dozie Ikedife, Jnr, have a real understanding of the challenges of Anambra people since we have both lived in Anambra State and not in Lagos or Abuja, we are also accessible to all and sundry, the records are there.”

“Dr. Nwoye as a medical doctor had long developed a health policy which will ensure primary healthcare to as many Anambra people as possible, and the issue of health care delivery will continue to be a major point in our administration like never done in the state,” he said.

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