OAU Water Scarcity: We Are Tired Of Using Pure Water To Cook, Moremi Hostel Occupants Lament

OAU Water Scarcity: We Are Tired Of Using Pure Water To Cook, Moremi Hostel Occupants Lament
  • PublishedJune 5, 2024

Occupants of the Moremi Hostel at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) have lamented the persistent water scarcity in the hall, which has left them to struggle to access clean water for their daily needs.

Osun Defender observed that the occupants of the Moremi hostel have been forced to resort to expensive and unsustainable alternatives, including using pure water for cooking and fetching water from nearby hostels.

It was learnt that the water scarcity has lasted for about two weeks, but there was some relief recently when the dam water became available.

This medium also gathered that the water issue has been lingering for several months, with various excuses given, including a faulty pumping machine, the dry season, and finally, a complete borehole failure.

While speaking with Osun Defender, some of the occupants, lamented the water scarcity situation and how they have been coping to survive.

Feyisola Adeyemi, an occupant of the hostel noted that the residents of the hostel have been coping with the water scarcity by fetching water from nearby hostels, using pure water for cooking, and relying on the dam water, which poses health risks.

She explained, “Occupants have been fetching water from wells and trekking to nearby hostels to get water. Although there was a slight relief when the dam water was made available last week, the borehole remains unreliable.

“Unfortunately, some blocks in the hostel still have no access to clean water, forcing them to use pure water for cooking.”

Oluwatobi Blessing, another occupant, stated that the hostel’s boreholes are now functioning intermittently.

She added that they have been making do with the limited water supply from the borehole, which only yields a small amount of water on occasion.

“We were experiencing water scarcity for about two weeks, but the pressure went down last week and there’s a kind of relief now.

“Well, like I said, there’s a kind of relief now. Because the dam water is available now. And as for the borehole, we’ve been able to manage the few amounts of times that it rushes.

“I can say that it’s tiring. And making the entire hostel tiring to live in. When there’s no water, several other parts of the hostel is affected, like the toilet and then there’s cooking, and other personal necessities that water is used for.”

In an interview with a student executive of the hostel, Yemisi Owolabi, she noted that some of the occupants have been using pure water to cook as a result of their inability to get clean water.

She also noted that occupants have been trekking to nearby hostels to fetch water, causing them significant stress and inconveniences.

According to her, “The borehole issue has been a persistent and frustrating problem for several months now, causing significant inconvenience and hardship for the occupants.

“Initially, we were informed that the pumping machine was not functioning properly, resulting in a lack of water supply. Later, we were told that the dry season was the culprit, but even after the seasons changed, the problem persisted.

“Finally, the borehole stopped working altogether, leaving us without a reliable source of water.

“As a result, occupants have been forced to seek alternative and often costly solutions. Some have resorted to using pure water for cooking, which is not only expensive but also unsustainable.

“Others have started fetching water from other hostels, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Some have even turned to using well water, which may not be safe for consumption. Meanwhile, others have no choice but to use the dam water as is, which poses health risks.

“Despite the challenges, the Executive Committee (Excos) has been working tirelessly to address the issue. They have engaged with the Hall Warden and School authorities, who are all aware of the situation and the urgent need for a solution. The occupants are simply demanding a reliable and safe water supply, which is a basic necessity. We hope that a solution will be found soon to alleviate the stress and hardship caused by this prolonged issue.”

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