Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Can Connect To Your PC, Mac, And Android

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Can Connect To Your PC, Mac, And Android
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2017

We’ve already learned that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can connect to your PC, but YouTube user DreWoof confirmed yesterday it’s also possible to pair Joy-Cons to your other devices via Bluetooth as well.

As the video above shows, because Joy-Cons use Bluetooth to communicate with the Switch, they can also be paired as controllers to other Bluetooth-capable devices. At this stage, each Joy-Con will pair as a single controller, meaning it’s only possible to use one each for two-player games. Using them both as a single controller—as per the Switch in handheld-mode—isn’t supported by default, though it’s possible third-party software or driver updates could be used to solve that problem in the future.

Currently the controllers can be paired to PC, Mac, and Android devices with Bluetooth. Because iOS devices use a different wireless specification, you unfortunately won’t be able to use Joy-Cons to control your iPhone or iPad games any time soon.

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Credit: Gamespot

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