Nigerian Man Calls Out Sterling Bank For Issuing Fake £5000 To Him (Photos)

Nigerian Man Calls Out Sterling Bank For Issuing Fake £5000 To Him (Photos)
  • PublishedOctober 25, 2023

A Nigerian Man, with the X handle, @LegendaryPapi has called out Sterling Bank for allegedly issuing fake £5000 to him.

The customer’s financial transaction at Sterling Bank, Kaduna Branch, Nigeria, has spiraled into a nightmare, leaving her in a state of despair.

@LegendaryPapi claimed, on January 24, 2023, that he deposited a substantial sum of 5000 euros into his domiciliary account at Sterling Bank.

However, his ordeal began when they attempted to withdraw the same amount on May 30, 2023.

He stated that upon visiting the branch where the initial deposit was made, the customer was informed that the bank did not have the complete 5000 euros on hand.

Instead, he was advised to collect 3000 euros from that branch and proceed to the main branch to obtain the remaining funds.

Unwilling to incur additional service charges for separate withdrawals, he declined the offer and chose to visit the main branch directly.

To his dismay, when he finally received the 5000 euros at the main branch, the money was issued in 500-euro denominations.

According to him, his intention was to provide money to a friend traveling to the United Kingdom, who would assist in exchanging it for pounds as he was making part payment for his school fees.

Tragically, the funds were seized at the foreign exchange bureau, EurochangeFX, after being identified as counterfeit.

In the wake of this financial catastrophe, he has been patiently awaiting resolution from Sterling Bank, seeking the return of their hard-earned money.

He has reached out to Sterling Bank and relevant authorities, including @Sterling_Bankng and @suleimana, in hopes of rectifying this dire situation.

She stated, “Ooh, Nigeria has happened to me. I’m writing this with so much despair. On January 24, 2023, I deposited the sum of 5000 euros into my domiciliary account at Sterling Bank No. 9 Ali Alikilu Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.

“I went to the bank on May 30, 2023, to make a withdrawal of 5000 euros. I went to the branch where I initially deposited the money, and they told me they didn’t have the complete 5000 that I should collect 3000 from them and go to their main branch to collect the rest, but I refused because they were going to charge me separately for the different withdrawals, I.E service charges.

“I then went to the main branch to withdraw the 5000 euros which I was given 500 euros denomination, the purpose of withdrawing the money was to give to my friend who was going back to the United Kingdom to help me change it to pounds as I was making part payment for my school fees, only for him to go @eurochangeFX and the money was seized as it was discovered to be counterfeit.

“I have been patiently waiting for @Sterling_Bankng @suleimana to rectify this and return my hard-earned money, but they are dragging their feet.

“POV the serial numbers had been confirmed to be same with what the bank has in their possession, @eurochangeFX has sent a confirmation letter with their letterhead to proof that the money was fake!!!

“@Sterling_Bankng. @suleimana give me my money I don’t know why you guys are doing this to me, I have been your customer for years and this is what I get @cenbank Please look into these cases! Here a picture of the fake Note @Sterling_Bankng @suleimana gave to me which was dated as at 2002

“Please, I need my hard earn money back if we can’t trust our banking system then we have lost it all in our country, Pls everyone who has foreign currency deposited @Sterling_Bankng No 9 Ali Alikilu Road Kaduna branch Nigeria. “Please go and withdraw your money

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