Nigeria Political Season Of Certificate Forgery Scandal, Defection And Impeachment By Alao Abiodun

Nigeria Political Season Of Certificate Forgery Scandal, Defection And Impeachment By Alao Abiodun
  • PublishedAugust 1, 2018

In the past few weeks and still trending, the Nigerian political space has been heated up by unending tales of dramas and there are still many to come — This however shows that Nigeria is indeed a play with so much unexplainable suspense, ironical ironies, paradoxical plots, enthralling yet unimaginable scenes and outstanding characters. A cursory look at the current predicament of this nation, then it’s safe to say that if we must truly change, then we must address our problem fundamentally because when a tree has problems at the root, it would be unwise to cut the leaves, or the branches, or the top, but the only palatable solution is to uproot it tactically.

The series of phenomena plaguing the Nigeria political scene for the past few weeks are indeed build up to the heated 2019 elections phase and all these events which are serially playing out is indeed defining the political space on the nation. While we’ve witnessed the NYSC forgery certificate scandal of kemi Adeosun which she’s yet to disprove the allegation, the dancing Senator from Osun State who is also an aspirant in the forthcoming elections in Osun State has also been alleged and indicted of another certificate scandal. Ridiculously, the deafening silence that has enshrouded the allegation of NYSC exemption certificate forgery involving the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, is quite troubling, this is not a matter to be silent about, she has indeed betrayed the public trust over her hypocritical quietness. Clarifying the allegations of certificate forgery would show a commitment to doing the right thing and clarified situation towards openness. Failure to speak on the issue is indeed a slap on the faces of Nigerians. However, she has clinched a spot on the infamous list of prominent Nigerians with certificate scandals attached to their names just like the dancing Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke, senator representing Osun West Senatorial District and the state’s PDP gubernatorial candidate did not graduate from Jacksonville State University (JSU).

Just in another week of another drama of Act 1, Scene 2, the serial activities concerning the politics of defection and impeachment has undoubtedly taken over, Some of our dear politicians especially the light-weight champions have decided to defect with respect to changing party affiliations just for self-repositioning and personal gains while others have tasted from the sweat meals of impeachment from one position by erstwhile political friends turned foes also for some selfish reasons or to score cheap political points. Down the memory lane, it should be recalled that the creation of the APC was a indeed fierce battle, the then ruling party, PDP was in series of melee, they did everything strategic to frustrate its emergence but alas it all ended in futility, the allied political forces had the sole aim of dislodging the PDP which had ruled the country since 1999.

With the similitude of defection situation taking shape ahead of the 2019 elections, the APC is indeed also witnessing series of political earthquake just like we had some senators, house of reps and a governor from the APC defecting to the PDP, this however shows that things are falling apart gradually. Nigeria politics over the years seems to be anchored on one thing and that is platform, in which the political actors use to ascend leadership positions. When the APC newly paved their way into power as even the ruling party in government, the party was apparently the cynosure of any aspiring politician. Now, it seems the table has turned and the game is changing as we are gradually approaching another election, some of our elected politicians and those who want to aspire for elective office are changing gear tactically.

Now to the record breaking moments of impeachment activities this week, it should be noted that irrespective of the circumstances, most of the impeachment decisions are made under suspicious circumstances and underlying political tones, this should not be. Impeachment decisions in the lodge of some power brokers or influence peddlers but in the ‘altar of democracy’ where elected officials swore to carry out their responsibilities. Benue state Governor is at the verge of impeachment, Benue Speaker impeached, Imo Deputy Governor impeached, Kano speaker impeached, SP Bukola Saraki is also under the threat of impeachment and others who are still warming up to join the impeachment family. While it’s very necessary for democratic society to possess mechanisms that checkmate its leaders from going out of hand, when the word impeachment fills the air, it becomes a political tool for witch-hunting of enemies or as an instrument of intimidation used to coerce people to the negotiation table for political gains.

In the scheme of all these dramatic scenes, the youth seems to be wandering like a blind man in political darkness, The Nigerian political leaders have long hijacked the political terrain and locked it against the youths but the youths are still in delusional syndrome that they are the leaders of tomorrow. It is this deceit and delusional practice that has made the youths to lose hope in the system anyway hence the desperate ones take to crime; like taking a sword against a sea of trouble. The very contented ones find themselves deluded, gasping for breath under the weight of poverty.
Nigeria is indeed a home to so many absurdities, just like a friend once told me, he said “if you continue to use critical mind and analytical mind to reason things that happen in Nigeria you will just commit suicide out of frustration. To survive in Nigeria, just reason everything with a comical mind”.

Àlàó Abiodun is a Journalist, He writes from Lagos.

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