Need For All To Shun Electoral Violence

Need For All To Shun Electoral Violence
  • PublishedApril 27, 2018

The race for the coveted seat of the state of Osun has begun, take it or not. Aspirants in their large numbers are getting on their tracks; some have formally declared their intentions, others taking the back seat to keenly observe what is happening at the other end. Political parties are not being left out of the race, the hunt for candidates who can earn the people’s mandate is on course.

But in all these, we must ensure the peace enjoyed so far in the state continues. We all must understand that the numerous aspirants’ aspirations to acquire power must not be at the detriment of our respiration. In times past, the casualty of violent acts are not only those consumed by the act, or valuable properties lost in the process, they are not even those that triggered it, or the innocent people that the act would have rendered fatherless, motherless, or homeless, well out of it, they also include those ill-fated occurrences no one ever envisages.

World over, the causes of major violence have been tussles for powers. Ours must not be. All the line, we have been a peace loving people. This has been applauded by many. Of recent, Osun was garlanded a great honour of being the most peaceful state in the country due to the commitment of the government to security of lives and property. This has become our trade mark- our wooing words.  Whether we like it or not, this status of ours would begin to attract more people, industries and investments to the state than what we currently have. Everyone loves a dove-like abode where he/she can do business without a shred of fear. Defiance to this may change our status from a developing to underdeveloped state, and the better future we picture will witness forfeiture.

The gains for peace to thrive are sweet, right? The job lies in the hands of all. The aspirants and their supporters must do all they can to ensure there is peace in the land. They must understand that politics is not a do or die affair, like other games, winners and losers must emerge.

We cannot afford to be used by anyone to cause confusion on ourselves, the consequences are grave than the enjoyment that we would derive from the naira notes handed to us.


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