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Model, Kara Young Who Dated Donald Trump Says He’s No Racist

Model, Kara Young Who Dated Donald Trump Says He’s No Racist
  • PublishedAugust 18, 2017

Model, Kara Young, who dated US President, Donald J. Trump for two years before he married, Melania Trump nee-Knauss, has opened up on her relationship with him. She said at the beginning of their relationship, she always brought up her race with the real estate tycoon but as with so many issues, he always diverted the conversation to celebrity.

In a rare interview, Young said:

“I didn’t hide my race from Donald Trump. He knew”. “He would say, ‘You’re like Derek Jeter.’ And I would say, ‘Exactly.’”

“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she added.

Before he became president, he hung out with boxing promoter Don King, the hip-hop impresarios Kanye West, Russell Simmons and Sean Combs and celebrities as big as Muhammad Ali, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

The few African-Americans in his inner circle respond with an emphatic no when asked if the Donald Trump was a racist. Most privately describe him as a 71-year-old man with fixed views and a cloistered history, raised in a heavily white enclave in Queens, who came of age and built a tower in the Manhattan sky when New York City was roiling with racial strife.

“Just because you’re a nationalist and you’re white doesn’t make you a white nationalist,” said Katrina Pierson, an African-American who was a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. “Putting Americans first makes you a nationalist and in that case, I’m a nationalist. I think we should take care of our families and our children first.”

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