Modakeke Chiefs Confirm Death Of Ogunsua, Oba Francis Adedoyin

Modakeke Chiefs Confirm Death Of Ogunsua, Oba Francis Adedoyin
  • PublishedSeptember 5, 2018

By Sodiq Lawal

The Modakeke traditional council has officially confirmed the death of Ogunsua of Modakeke, Oba Francis Adedoyin, after denying that the monarch had passed away.

In a joint statement by the traditional chiefs made available to our correspondent, stated that the Ogunsua died at the age of 96 at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Hospital, Jaleyemi, Osogbo.

They declared a 7-day morning in the town and ordered all markets in the town to be closed within the seven days.

The chiefs told our correspondent that all trees in the community situated near Modakeke would be felled to indicate the transition of late Oba Adedoyin.

Many of the Chiefs were also embarrassed by the fact that the media reported the passing, instead of the traditional channels established by age long customs of Modakeke.

Meanwhile,  following the order of the closure of the markets, residents who are living in the town have begun to live in fear.

Most of the traders no longer showed interest in coming out to sell their products and goods.

Some of the traders, who spoke to our correspondent, said that they suspected foul play on the part of the rumours over the announcement.

According to them, there is a counter announcement that the order has been lifted.

“The announcement is just an attempt to tempt people. That’s unfair and only those who are not used to our tradition will fall victim,” one of the residents who craved anonymity told our correspondent.

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