Locals Shoot Thief’s Hand And Shares Video Online

Locals Shoot Thief’s Hand And Shares Video Online
  • PublishedNovember 27, 2017

A woman who was caught stealing in Brazil was given a rather rare kind of jungle justice by locals in Brazil.  Instead of reporting the robbery to the police, the local decided to live stream her punishment.

In a video shared online, the alleged thief is seen being questioned by locals as she pleaded in tears. They then asked her to stretch out her hands, which she did after seeing that her plea was getting her nowhere. Her hand can be seen shaking as she stretches it out, then one of the locals shoots her on the palm.

Recall that barely two weeks ago a group of children who had threatened an older group where tortured and gruesomely murdered by the older group, who went ahead to live stream their actions.

Social Media companies have still not been able to stop the streaming of crimes which seems to be on the rise around the world on their platforms.


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