Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw Featured In Busted

Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw Featured In Busted
  • PublishedMay 10, 2017

Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw Star in New Nollywood Film ‘Busted’

In a come back move, veteran actress, Liz Benson stars alongside Kate Henshaw in a blockbuster Nollywood film produced by Face and Lisa Onu.

The month of May is packed with lots of surprises from the Nigerian movie industry, and one film Nollywood is looking up to is “BUSTED”.

Featuring Liz Benson, I.K Ogbonna, Paul Obazele, Lisa Onu, Kate Henshaw, Bryan Okwara, Tony Umez, and Chika Okpara, “Busted” packs the star power to keep the cinemas swarmed this year.

The film tells the story of Queen, who was brought up in a respectable home, but grew up to a different understanding of life and has taken to a new lifestyle. Busted is produced by Lisa Onu, the Executive Producer is Face Onu and it is Directed by Pat Oghre and Damijo Efe-Young.

Get ready for a roller-coaster experience, as Busted premieres at Oriental Hotel, Lagos on May 21st 2017, and starts showing across cinemas in Nigeria soon after.

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