Life Of Crime Doesn’t Pay – Armed Robbery Suspect Confesses

Life Of Crime Doesn’t Pay – Armed Robbery Suspect Confesses
  • PublishedDecember 2, 2017


By Nofisat Adeoye


“I didn’t believe this is the right way, I know the life of crime doesn’t pay and this should serve as a lesson to others out there still doing such.”


These were the words of Vincent Kelly as he was being paraded for armed robbery by Osun State Police Command.


Police Commissioner, Olafimihan Adeoye said that on the 31st of August, Kelly and his gang went to a construction site at the time money was being shared to the bricklayers and stole about N1 million with some phones and other gadgets.


CP Adeoye said investigation was ongoing and that the gang would be charged to court soon.


Asked what led the decently dressed and fluently spoken Kelly to crime. He lamented that unemployment led him to the street.


“I have tried my best, I can play football, I can sing but the country doesn’t encourage us and there is something I want the government to do which is youth empowerment, as long as the youths do not find anything to do on the street, stealing and robbery can never stop.”


Asked why he didn’t venture into footballing which he claim to have a passion for, Kelly said, “I have tried, I have really tried to abstain from crime but just like I said, the government are not encouraging us,  talents are being wasted, we need youth empowerment from our government at various levels.”


Just like Kelly, there are thousands of youths on the street going through the same dilemma, venturing into crime from lack of job to do, some have become politicians’ tools and others, vicious men of the under world.


And just like Kelly said, I urge our government at various levels to have interest in youth empowerment, develop means of encouraging the youths to works. They are, after all, the leaders of tomorrow.


Advise to youths include shunning crime no matter how tempting its looks. When caught, crime put an abrupt end to a promising future. Surely, the life of crime does not pay.

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