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  • PublishedJuly 27, 2018


Barring any change, either from the leadership of the party or court of law as it were, Senator Ademola Adeleke will fly the flag of the Peoples Democratic Party come Saturday September 22. He won the Saturday’s primary election by 1,569 as against the runner up Akin Ogunbiyi’s 1,562.

With this, the Osun PDP has again goofed. The party has put a paid to their chances of returning back to power, or at least give the APC a feisty fight in the September 22 gubernatorial election. With that election, it has showed to us that the PDP we should be looking up to has remained the same. The malfeasance that was displayed has helped to revalidate the flurry of claims by the ruling APC that they are unworthy to be handed the people’s mandate.

Going into the primary election, Ogunbiyi had a lot of aspirants laying down cards to lend their support for him, and the reasons they all gave show that he has the competence and the finesse to govern the state if he could win the governorship election.

In truth, Ogunbiyi emergence would have sent fear to the ruling APC, he would have brought a new lease of life into the opposition PDP and made challenge more even for the PDP and APC to compete, leaving the judgment at the mercy of the electorate to give during the election.

All these were given an infinitesimal attention. The DANCING SENATOR has been foisted on the members of the party. The chance of the PDP has dropped heavily. What remains of them is to become spectators of their misery.

Mind you, the sympathy votes Adeleke got during the West Senatorial by-election has left the people from the zone in a sorry state. Ever since his emergence, he has been of less value to the Senate, neither has his impact been felt. To say they are tired of a family swimming in the pool of power is to state the minds of the people. And now he has a certificate issue dangling on his neck which could compound his woes going into the poll.

Ogunbiyi is also challenging the outcome of the election through what he called internal mechanism. His sympathizers are also not leaving the stage, the other time, they went in their large numbers to the state party secretariat to register their disdain. All are in the effort to reclaim the mandate. If this fails, he may be on his way out of the party as being speculated by some of his top loyalists.

It is very unfortunate that the PDP has goofed!

  • Ibrahim Babalola, Ede, State of Osun.

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