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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Three Hearty Cheers To The People’s Governor At 61

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Three Hearty Cheers To The People’s Governor At 61
  • PublishedMay 25, 2018


Hip hip hip hurray!!!

Let those who have been privileged by Almighty God to grace another 365 days in their life cycle, in their utmost sonorous voices sing thanks and praises to the most high. It is highly important to warmly felicitate with the people’s governor, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, the planner, the engineer of good tidings, the new era crusader in the state of Osun as he clocks 61.

The one who the cap fits has had it on for almost 8 years in the state of Osun and has done tremendously well. This is evidenced in the conspicuous developments carried out and seen in the nooks and crannies of the state by the governor and his intelligent cabinet members.

Osun people cannot be grateful enough for the fast-tracked growths and developments shouldered by the compassionate governor of the state within his two terms in office, which is by far greater than the remaining administrative years used by other administrators.

Accolades and deserving encomiums from the private and public sectors, from local, national and international realms is showered on the Ijesha-born politician cum administrator, born on the 25th of May, one who prioritised human welfarism and social safety nets programmes to ease the standard of living of residents in the state.

A popular English maxim says, “People do not value what they have until they lose it”. Osun people both at home and in diaspora have unfailingly reckoned with this wise saying, thus, have all uniformly resolved to appreciate our very own governor as he clocks 61 solid, sound and successful years on earth. We wish him many happy returns and pray him many more prosperous years ahead in good health and wealth.

Notably, as the governor celebrates his 61st birthday, he should endeavour to make the right provision for the ‘right’ successor who would steer the affairs of the state ‘rightly’ as the sea is, as the election draws nearer.

Hip hip hip hurray!!!

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