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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Still On UNIOSUN Medical Students Return

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Still On UNIOSUN Medical Students Return
  • PublishedAugust 25, 2017

The accolades that have been showered on the government of the State of Osun, over the sponsorship of stranded Medical Students of UNIOSUN to Ukraine to complete their medical training are not in anyway out of place. This is because the government came to their rescue at the time all hope was lost.

I am not a fan of Governor Rauf Aregbesola or his government, but truth must be told he has done what could not have been ordinarily expected from any government in Nigeria.

While I have reservation for the inability of the government to upgrade the General Hospital in Asubiaro to a teaching hospital, I will not want to join those who are criticizing the government for not doing so after explanations have been made that at the time the students were to go for their clinical training, the government could not afford the amount required for the upgrade. For any right-thinking person, this is understandable.

One significant thing that should be appreciated is that the administration has saved the lives of the affected student from collapse, because the help came at the time they needed it.

The return of the 50 out of 85 students who have graduated and became medical doctors after their trainings, while 35 others stayed back for further pursuit of their lives’ endeavour has clearly shown that the government is committed to the development of its citizens, particularly our future leaders who would have had their dreams of becoming medical doctors aborted.

Though, some critics have also faulted the rationale behind the sponsorship of the students to Ukraine, but I am sure that such individuals would not have wished their children what could have become the fate of the beneficiaries if the government did not rise to the situation.

Aregbesola and his government have however made history and done excellently in promoting functional education. This is a legacy that would remain forever.

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